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Thank you for considering me for a professional Tarot reader. I offer both professional email, chat and skype tarot readings and live tarot readings. I have over 20 years of experience, and I do ALL readings with an actual deck of cards, my own two hands, and a human touch. I provide live and real time Tarot reading without using any software. I am able to tell you about your Past, Present, Future, love, relationship, carrier, business, finance, health, diagnostics of negative energy, search of missing thing, animals and people, etc. and provide you the best guidance and solution for your problems to live your life in a better way.
Live readings allow me a deeper connection with clients, giving me the opportunity to share additional intuitive insights as they come to me and give clients the opportunity to ask and clarify questions or doubts if they come up with.

We have just introduced a new technology based Computerised Aura Chakra scanning along with photographs, charts and full report about your Aura. It is fast and provide you a visual report about your progress.

Haunted Houses

Haunted houses happen all year round, but Halloween is the time of year the spirits are most active. It has been considered for many centuries as one of the most magical nights of the year. A night of power, when the veil that separates our world from the spiritual world is at its thinnest. If you feel that your home is haunted, you can contact us to help you clear it. This is called Space Clearing. It has the most powerful way of doing this by using Sacred Geometry, which is a mathematical code found in all life forms, also known as the universal language of light. This connects with Nature to create a sacred space in the environment, which crosses the spirits over and restores the blueprint of the land. Space Clearing brings your space into peace, balance and harmony.

Haunted People

People become haunted for many reasons. Many times people who were confused at the time of their death become lost between the physical and spiritual world, so their spirit wanders the earth plane. The spirits that are trapped here are also called ghosts. When a spirit or ghost is around you at other locations or everywhere you go, then you have a spirit attachment. Attached spirits can cause many negative emotions including confusion, depression, feeling lost, fear and anxiety. To have the spirit removed, I can perform a spirit extraction to escort the soul home.

Psychic Attack

Psychic attacks can cause a variety of severe health conditions that come on suddenly, like headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sudden sharp pains, stroke, viruses, as well as cause nightmares or night terrors. The ill person then becomes haunted by the spirit sent and attacked by the negative thought attached to it. To remove the dark entities from a psychic attack, I can perform a spirit extraction.

Spirit Retrieval

If thoughts and emotions continue to play over and over in your mind of particular memories, this means a piece of your soul is still trapped in that moment of time and located in that space in time. When you feel your healing is not complete, that you are still in deep pain, or that there is much deeper work to do, this is due to soul loss. This is what and how I can heal a client. You must retrieve lost pieces of your soul.

Spirit Extraction

Spirit extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions or spirit attachments. This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness. This is caused by others sending harmful or negative thoughtforms to you, or when discarnate beings or entities attach to you. To remove them, I must do what's called a spirit extraction.

Chakra Healing

I scan your chakras, body and aura and locate areas of congested energy, pain, and repressed, stored emotional trauma. I tell you what you are holding onto and assist you in releasing it from your Being completely. Then, acting as a conduit of the Divine, I bring in the High-Vibration Love and Light of Creator to take the place of the lower, congested energy you released. This brings about an amazing, and often instantaneous, change within a person that is usually instantly felt as warmth, calmness and serenity. It is very common for ailments and life situations to suddenly and spontaneously correct themselves after a session!

Aura Healing

The aura is an energetic filter that protects us from the energies around us. Electrical energy, EMF radiation, and even strong emotions can affect the aura and make it weak. Traumatic events can also damage the aura. When this occurs we find ourselves more vulnerable to the energy around us. We can then suddenly find ourselves reluctant to leave the safety of our houses, unwilling to go out in crowds, and refusing invitations from friends. As part of a full-service energetic healing, my healing guides and I repair damage to the aura, energize, and realign it. This often helps in improving these situations and can help with these types of anxiety when nothing else will!

Spiritual Healing

We pray for the well being of those interested and in need of healing energies. This is voluntary service and is absolutely free of charge. We try to assist as many souls as possible through divine prayers and meditation. We merely act as instruments of God and try to connect the cosmic energies with your being for healing to take place. One way of doing it to release one from 'Sanchit' Past-life Karma. We do not promise and guarantee results. We simply pray with simplicity and humility for you. Anyone receptive to energies will receive the divine grace faster and will notice changes in one's area of life that was seeked help for.

We just have one request - please seek help and reach out to us only if you can surrender completely. Prayers might not work for people with strong logic minds and inability to surrender to divine consciousness.

We have two ways of connecting and finding solutions for your present problems/blockages:
Distance Healing - Please place your request and send a picture via email or post.
In person - You are welcome to take appointments except Sunday for single/group healing sessions.

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